I remember when I first heard about the Drake Equasion. It’s when I first started to feel like maybe, just maybe, I’d gotten it all wrong about Aliens. Maybe there is intelligent life in the universe… Maybe we are being visited by Alien Spacecraft… maybe homo-sapiens are the genetic experiments of an ancient Extra Terrestrial Race…


I refuse to believe that anyone would travel all this way without a plan.

“100,000,000,000,000,000 miles… what shall we do now?”

“… don’t know… I wasn’t given any orders… You?”






“Eye spy with my little eye…

It all just seems a little too uncoordinated for my liking. They need a meeting… they need to get organised.

After such a long trip, it’s almost a little rude that they haven’t invaded. It’s like they’ve gotten here and thought…

“eww… now I’ve seen Earth close up… I don’t really want it anymore”

What’s wrong with us? Does this planet make our ass look big or something?

Why would they come all this way and not make a grand entrance? It’s the equivalent of driving 1000 miles, getting to your destination, and saying… “Let’s just stay in the car for a few more hours.” Are the Aliens hoping for an informal invitation to the White House? Do you think they are abducting people just to ask if they know the Obamas?

The only evidence I’ve found even mildly compelling is CROP CIRCLES. Let me explain: What do you do when you’re in a meeting/class … and you’re bored? You scribble on paper… maybe draw some patterns… maybe you just make random shapes… CROP CIRCLES. If aliens are here, they are bored.

I don’t need alien-tastic intelligence to see that the people they’ve abducted so far, are not world leaders. It comes as no surprise that they won’t bring Elvis back.

I can’t help but feel that more people of the world would embrace the UFO movement… if only they had better spokespeople… did some PR… found an eye witness with… with… teeth.

But who really knows? Maybe, behind the dark side of the moon there is a fleet of star-ships; an armada, powerful and intimidating. And in the lead ship, the flag ship, there is a meeting of alien generals. The leader leans over… his generals dutifully await his command, shifting in their seats like coiled springs …the leader presses the button on his intercom and says …“Julie, bring in the spring, 2011, crop circle designs will you?”

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