Check out these incredible dark paintings of Angels by artist Peter Mohrbacher

Artist Peter Mohrbacher (Chicago, United States of America) has been working for over 11 years to populate the world of Angelarium. Mohrbacher, a former illustrator in the games industry, now dedicates his life to creating these dark paintings, check out his work and contribute to his patreon if you like what you see. Af Angel of anger Rahab Angel of the […]


VIDEO: A mashup of almost every Disney release since 1989.

A video made using almost every Disney video released in the last ~30 years. (Video via: Lindsay McCutcheon – Click here) Song: Pop Culture by Madeon Movies: The Little Mermaid Beauty and the Beast Aladdin The Lion King Pocahontas The Hunchback of Notre Dame Hercules Mulan Tarzan Fantasia 2000 The Emperor’s New Groove Atlantis: The […]



I remember when I first heard about the Drake Equasion. It’s when I first started to feel like maybe, just maybe, I’d gotten it all wrong about Aliens. Maybe there is intelligent life in the universe… Maybe we are being visited by Alien Spacecraft… maybe homo-sapiens are the genetic experiments of an ancient Extra Terrestrial Race…



I’m not going to say I’m afraid of horses. I’m not afraid of horses… that would be ridiculous. Horses are great… love ’em. I have an “understanding” with horses. An agreement, as it were. It looks a little like this: A [Rob] will not go near B [Horses] So long as B don’t scrape the […]